Reward Redemption Schedule

Bank Asia Credit Cards Reward PointValue (TK)
2000Tk. 500.00
5000Tk. 1100.00
7500 Tk.2100.00
10000 Tk.2800.00
12500 Tk.3800.00
15000 Tk.4600.00
17500 Tk.5500.00
20000 Tk.6100.00
22500 Tk.7500.00
25000 Tk.8000.00
27500 Tk.9000.00
30000 Tk.10000.00
40000 Tk.15000.00
50000 Tk.20000.00

How to Redeem Reward Point

We have made it easier for you to redeem the reward of your choice!

  • You can earn 1 Reward Point for every purchase of Tk. 80 / $1 with your Bank Asia Credit Card. The more you purchase, the more points you get.
  • Call our customer care or call center to know the achieved reward point on your credit card. You can also view reward point in your credit card monthly statement.
  • Need to send reward redemption request from your registered email ID to
  • For reward redemption, need to go to nearest branch and fill up the requisition form mentioning the reward point which you want to redeem.
  • Please follow the above schedule of reward redemption and maximum reward according to the schedule is being redeemed which will be credited to your credit card.