Government Securities Investment Window for Customer

Group Treasury has dedicated GSEC (Govt. Securities) Investment window and service desk for customer portfolio management. This is also authorized by Bangladesh Bank Circular No. 04/2020 dated July 21, 2020 of Debt Management Department, Bangladesh Bank,  

Who can buy G SEC: Bangladeshi Individuals and institutions (e.g Banks, non-bank financial institutions, Insurance companies, mutual fund, provident funds, and pension fund and Corporate bodies). Non-resident individuals and institutions can also buy Treasury bond.

Features of Govt. Securities (GSEC):

  • Risk free Investment as Bangladesh bank is custodian of Bangladesh Govt. borrowing.
  • Tradable instrument in the secondary market.
  • Customer can enjoy tax rebate facilities in income return.
  • Scripless Instrument (securities).

Investable Amount: Minimum Taka 1.00 Lac or any multiple amounts of Taka 1.00 Lac.

Investor’s Rate of Return: Investor will receive coupons semiannually against Treasury bond. Treasury bonds can be purchased at discount, or face value/at par, or at premium depending on the market yield scenario. Upon maturity, investor will get the face value. Treasury Bills are zero coupon bonds as one can buy at discount and receive face value amount on maturity. Be it a Bond or bill, Investor’s rate of return will be represented by yield of the securities.

Current Products: 14days, 91days, 182days, and 364days Treasury Bills and 2Yr, 5Yr 10Yr, 15Yr, & 20Yr years Treasury Bonds are available. If available, customers can be provided with the product of broken tenor also (e.g. 1.5 yr, 2.5 yr, etc. up to below 20yr).

How we serve through this window:

  1. Every customer will have a Business Participants (BP) accounts with minimum requirement of documents.
  2. Treasury Investment desk will make transactions after getting intimation from customer.
  3. For faster transactions related to sale-buy, payment of coupon and principal payment, customer will have a bank account with Bank Asia.
  4. Treasury Investment desk will maintain the customer portfolio digitally in transparent manner.
  5. Customer will be provided holding and transaction report on annual basis or as and when requested.
  6. Group Treasury will maintain co-ordination with Bangladesh Bank Trading platform or any other potential upcoming trading platform in this connection.

Please feel free to contact us in following address:

SL Name Functional Designation Contact No Email
1 Rakibul Hasan Head of MM 02-9515107,02-9577820, 017100702499
2 Shyamal Chandra Das ‎ Fixed Income Dealer 02-9515107,02-9577820, 01711296369