Modes of our investment of our Islamic Banking provide you the opportunity to run & expand your business in Shariah compliant way. At present, we are covering different sectors of investment under the different shariah compliant modes like Bai Murabaha Muajjal, Hire Purchase Shirkatul Melk (HPSM), Musharaka etc.

Sectors for Investment

Bank Asia Islamic Banking provides the opportunity to run & expand the business of its client in Shariah compliant way through its different investment products. At present, the Bank is offering investment facilities in the following sectors

  • Working capital Finance
  • Term & Project Finance
  • Foreign Trade Finance
  • House Finance
  • Car Finance
  • Consumer Finance
  • SME Finance

To provide investment facility in the said sectors the Banks follows different kinds of investment modes

  • Bai Murabaha Muajjal
  • Hire-Purchase Under Shirkatul Melk (HPSM)
  • Musharaka
  • Quard against Accepted Bills
  • Quard against Deposit

Modes of Investment

Bai Murabaha Muajjal

Bai-Murabaha is a mode of trade permitted by Shariah (Islamic Jurisprudence). At present Islamic Banks mostly use this mode as one of their modes of Investment / Credit. Bai-Murabaha means sale at a profit or mark up sale. Under this mode, Bank purchases certain goods indented by its client and sells the same to him/her at a profit. One of the fundamental features of Bai-Murabaha is that under this mode the purchaser shall have the right to know the cost price of the goods from the seller. In other words the seller (Bank) must declare the amount of cost of the goods and profit thereon distinctively. Deferred mode of payment is known as Muajjal. Therefore, our financing under the captioned mode deferring the payment with instant delivery of the goods is termed as Bai-Murabaha Muajjal.

Sectors to use the mode of finance

Bai-Murabaha Mu' the mode of finance which is used to buy any kind of fungible goods for both individual or institutional clients. The mode is used in the following sectors of financing

  • Working Capital Finance: To purchase any commercial goods for further trade like RMG, food grain etc.
  • Post Import: To ensure post-import facility for commercial goods
  • SME finance sector as working capital etc.

Investors Relationship Contact Person

Contact Person : Mohammed Monzur Morshed Bhuiyan
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