Cash Waqf

"Do good as Allah has done good to you." (Surah Al Qasas: Ayah 77)
Cash Waqf refers to the deposit which is irredeemable & perpetual in nature, donated in cash form in order to ensure regular flow of income for using in social welfare sectors in a Shariah compliant way.
According to the Hadith of Sahih Muslim "All our activities end on death except three things-

  • Contribution to knowledge,
  • Ongoing charity and
  • Faithful child

Salient Features:

  • Facility to open account deposit the installment in any working day of month
  • Facility to deposit Cash Waqf in onetime and installment (Monthly/Quarterly) basis or in Common Fund
  • Maximum Income sharing Ratio: (ISR)
  • Ensure Shariah compliant ever-lusting / permanent income to any social institute
  • Create a scope of Sadaqa-E-Jariah for here and hereafter


  • Cash Waqf is an endowment according to the Shariah. Bank will manage the waqf fund on behalf of the donor/Waqif.
  • Cash Waqf Account can be opened in any working day.
  • Cash Waqf fund will be invested in various Shariah compliant domestic and global investment portfolios.
  • In case of specific beneficiary of waqf fund income, the concerned beneficiary must have a bank account. Profit generated from the concerned Cash Waqf account will be credited to the Beneficial's account on monthly basis.
  • Waqif (donor) may alter the beneficiary only on separate written request.
  • For common beneficiary, profit shall be payable to the selected 24 sectors at the sole discretion of the Bank.
  • Only the profit, generated from the waqf fund will be distributed to beneficiary(s)/ different sectors.