Syndication Finance

The Syndication Finance Unit of Bank Asia provides customized financial solutions to the corporate clients as Term Loan and working capital, which creates values and contributes towards the growth of the country�s economy. It started its journey in the year 2000 as Lead Arranger & Agent and has a proud history of arranging13 syndicated deals of around Tk. 9,000.00 million. It has already created the best avenues in the market through structuring of various products, syndication arrangement, advisory services, acquisition & merger financing, securitization and agency services.

The products & services offered by the Syndication Finance Unit are as follows:

  • Term Loan, Short Term Loan& Working Capital financing
  • Finance Corporate expansion
  • Refinance to existing clients' for their financial requirements
  • Bridge Finance
  • Acquisition & Merger
  • Agency Services
  • Advisory Services

Why Syndication?

  • To comply with Central Bank's instructions towards providing large finance to corporate bodies through arrangement of syndication in order to diversify the risks.
  • To share of knowledge / expertise among the participating lenders.
  • Common follow up and monitoring ensures successful operations of the project which results in smooth repayment.
  • Through Syndication, a large amount of fund could be arranged which is needed for a project.
  • A client needs not to pursue the Banks door-to-door, for getting financial assistance.
  • It provides innovative end to end solutions to its corporate clients, by ensuring quality services.

Key Benefits

  • Diversification of risks, pooling of resources and sharing of costs.
  • Broader aspects of financing options resulting in more co-operation and competitive loan pricing.
  • Timely arrangement of funds and its disbursement for easy operation management.
  • Major reduction of risks for investors.
  • Prioritize customer's need.
  • Financing projects with low carbon emission. i.e., financing to environment friendly projects.
  • Benefits overall economy in the country.

Investment Features

  • Identify a potential borrower considering several factors related to the project.
  • To test the viability and economic worth of the project, a sound appraisal report covering financial, technical, marketing, management, social and environmental aspects, to be taken into consideration, before allowing loan facilities.

Bank Asia also finances both Greenfield, existing as well as BMRE (Balancing, Modernizing, Rehabilitation, and Expansion) programs besides restructuring facility. We not only prefer financing large scale projects, but also medium sized projects. Our team consists of dedicated professionals and experts which analyses its customer's financial needs and designs the product accordingly. We have gained confidence of various large corporations in the field of Syndication Finance by raising funds for establishment of projects at different locations.

Term Loan & Working Capital Finance

Bank Asia extends Term Loan& working capital facilities to different manufacturing and trading concerns to meet their necessary financial needs.

  • As Lead Arranger, the SF Unit carries out activities such as procuring clients, negotiating a common term sheet with the client, developing the financial model, preparing IM (Information Memorandum), arranging road show, answering to necessary queries, preparing legal documents, arranging signing ceremony and closing the syndicated deal.
  • As a participator in syndicated deals, the Unit carries out all activities involving processing proposals, disbursement, monitoring and maintaining correspondence.

Advisory Services

The Syndication Finance Unit also provide advisory services like designing business plan/ concept note/ conducting market review research report for the project/ preparing sound business plans for the project/ devising financial structure for a proposed structure, financial models, conducting due-diligence, developing innovative financial products etc., beside regular activities of syndication.

Bank Asia has already provided advisory services to the following clients:

  • Mutual Foods Ltd.
  • Sai-an Agro Ltd.
  • Mir Tiles Ltd.
  • Incontrade Ltd.
  • Dhaka Telecom Ltd.
  • Euro Piu Telecom Ltd.
  • Data Centre

Agency Function

The Syndication Finance Unit of Bank Asia successfully acted as Agent towards smooth operation of the Syndicated Accounts. Agency services such as regularly reviewing performance of the accounts, disbursement processing, liaising with the lawyer, obtaining NOC from the lenders, visiting project sites, maintaining necessary correspondence, preparing quarterly/yearly performance, are also carried out by the Syndication Finance Unit.

Financial Institution

Bank Asia's Syndication Finance Unit also provides Term Loan, L/C, Overdraft and other facilities to different Non-Banking Financial Institutions.

Sectoral Exposure as of 31-12-2011

The Syndication Finance Unit of Bank Asia maintains its portfolio in an effective manner. A detailed position of the sectoral exposure is presented below:


Date Key Events
February 24, 2001
Bank Asia as Lead Arranger arranged 1st Syndicated Term Loan of Tk. 234.35 million, for Karim Spinning Mills Ltd, an export- oriented Textile Spinning Mill.
April 28, 2002
As Lead Arranger Bank Asia arranged Syndicated Term Loan of Tk. 600.00 million for Emirates Cement Bangladesh Ltd, towards establishing a cement manufacturing plant.
September 05, 2004
As Lead Arranger Bank Asia arranged 2nd Syndicated Term Loan of Tk. 250.00 million for Karim Spinning Mills Ltd, for expansion of their project.
August 17, 2006
As Lead Arranger Bank Asia arranged 3rd Syndicated Term Loan of Tk. 125.25 million in favor of Karim Spinning Mills Ltd, for expansion of their project.
August 16, 2007
Bank Asia arranged Syndicated Term Loan of Tk 840.00 million (as Lead Arranger), for GBB Power Limited (GBBPL) for setting up a 20 MW Power Plant at Bogra.
January 04, 2009
Bank Asia raised Syndicated Term Loan of Tk. 471.58 million (including capitalized IDCP of Tk. 31.93 million) as (Lead Arranger), for construction of a 12-storied commercial building, favoring Nina Holdings Limited.
April 12, 2010
Arranged 1st Syndicated Term Loan of Tk. 1,200.00 million, (as Lead Arranger) for Bashundhara Industrial Complex Ltd, for setting up a cement manufacturing plant at Modongonj, Narayangonj.
December 07, 2011
Raised 2nd Syndicated Term Loan of Tk. 800.00 million, (as Lead Arranger), for Bashundhara Industrial Complex Ltd to set up a cement manufacturing plant through using of Vertical Roller Mill (VRM) technology, which conserves around 50 % energy compared to traditional Ball Mill project, at Modongonj, Narayangonj.
April 20, 2011
We, as Lead Arranger raised another Syndicated Term Loan Tk. 150.00 million for Nina Holding Ltd, for construction of a commercial building namely, �Nina Kabbo� using advanced technology and environment friendly design. We have also extended support to Nina Holdings Ltd by providing Bridge Loan of Tk. 120.00 million.