Ms. Tania Nusrat Zaman


Ms. Tania Nusrat Zaman is the Nominated Director of Amiran Generations Limited in the Board of Bank Asia Limited. Ms. Zaman began her career in 1987 as a young professional with UNDP. After stints in policy and programming in New York, Nepal and Vietnam, she joined the International Health Policy Program, housed in The World Bank, in Washington DC. Between 2001-2020, she took on managerial and technical roles in public, private and non-profit organizations in Bangladesh and USA that included BRAC, Future Generations, HLSP Consulting

Inc, the Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka, Nirapon Inc. and Plan International. Currently, she is a Director of General Advisory Services Limited and works as a management consultant on human resources, safety and youth issues. Ms. Zaman holds a Bachelor’s from George Washington University and an M.Phil from Yale University. She also holds an American Management Association certificate in human resource.