Instruments of Green Banking offered by Cards Division include E-Statement, SMS Banking, SMS Alert, Net Banking, E Fund Transfer, and Digital Attendance and E Mail corresponding, which help reducing printing paper.In 2018, our Cards Department through its digital filling system have been archived more than76,320 pages. Moreover New Issuing, Replacement, Activation and PIN request are automated which reduced Debit Card issuance time to 2-3 days from 7-9 days as well as paper saved 250,000 pages of paper and Tk. 40,000 as courier service cost. Unlike every year, the Bank has developed e-Cards for its stakeholders this year

Million Taka
No Instruments Quantity Cost of Conventional Practice Cost of Green Banking Concept
1 E Statement 101,960 1.02 NIL
2 SMS Banking 143,477 1.43 0.036
3 SMS Alert 291,655 2.92 0.073
4 Net Banking 68,680 0.69 NIL
5 E-Fund Transfer 56,008 0.56 NIL
6 Digital Attendance 1,890 0.000787 NIL
7 E-Mail Corresponding 138,335 1.38 NIL
8 Total amount   8.00 0.11
  Net Savings  Taka  7.89 million

Financing Green Establishment/Green Building project

During the year 2018 we have disbursed Tk.32.46 million to Green finance, which helps sequestration of carbon and help to reduce environmental effect.