Nowadays e-commerce is becoming more popular to the customers which will create endless opportunities to increase business. Bank Asia Limited always believes innovative banking services to its customers. Online Payment Service/e-commerce which verifies and processes a variety of secured ways for payments by using internet Banking, Debit/Credit or Pre-paid Cards. It is cost effective and efficient way of communicating within customer and organization which will be most competent for conducting Banking products & services.

E-commerce provides the capability of buying and selling products, information and services on the Internet and other online environments. Bank Asia has introduced e-commerce program for all VISA & Master card holders.

E-Commerce Benefits for Customers

  • 100% secure, fast, convenient and cost saving way to transact through websites.
  • Easy to search and find desired things instantly,choosing from a variety of options. 
  • View any or all of the products specifications and photographs.
  • Purchases will be delivered directly to their door
  • 3D secure online payment
  • Security knowing every transaction is secure
  • Customer can compare cheaper and better option for online purchase.
  • Time consuming
  • No need to travel to shop
  • Cost saving
  • 24/7 Contact Center Support.

E-Commerce Benefits for Merchants

  • Overhead cost of an e-commerce web site is generally much less than the cost of a physical storefront
  • Seller has the ability to reach customers all over the world rather than being limited to a certain geographical location
  • Increase in sales volume
  • Everything is maintained through secure software, so need less human intervention
  • No cash handling risk

 SMS Alert for Transaction

Get instant SMS alerts all E-commerce Purchase transactions/Online transactions made through Bank Asia VISA & Master Card.