Bank Asia Limited has a Contact Center for information distribution to the customers of the banks over phone. There are hotline numbers (16205, 09617016205) to access call center by a customer twenty four hour a day from all over the world.

Now the concept Call Center has turned into Contact Center. Call Center is only an information center but Contact Center is able to process types of instructions and generate revenue.

Contact Center

  • Customer interaction center
  • Central point of any organization
  • Customer relationship management(CRM)
  • First contact point of customers
  • Various type of instructions
  • Contribute to generate Sales leads

In fact, Contact Center is a pure science. It’s combination of a technology and traditional banking. If these two works tandem, Contact Center will run very nicely.

 Science & Technology Part:

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Work Force Management
  • Service Level Management


Control Mechanism/Risk Mitigation:

In order to mitigation fraud, Contact Center follows the below process:

  • Proper security questions
  • Checker and Maker concept
  • Sample Check
  • Random call monitoring
  • SMS notification
  • Call back verification

Bank Asia Contact Center is providing Non-IVR and IVR services. Following operations are maintained by Bank Asia contact center for serving better to customers.

  • Authentication: Every account holder is being authenticated through his/her TPIN. The TPIN is being generated when the customer called through his registered phone number or through event based outbound call to the registered number.


  • Query: Balance and Transaction details of an account. This also includes Debit Card Status, Cheque Status, Credit Card status etc.
  • Order Calls: this includes the processing of all order calls like
    • Debit and Credit Card Block and Replacement
    • Debit and Credit Card Activation
    • Enrolment and De-enrolment of E-statement facility
    • Customer profile update (Address, Mobile Number and Email)
    • Debit instructions
    • Re-enrolment and De-enrolment of Credit Shield Premium
  • Information Calls: This includes all calls when information is referred to and information is captured from the caller, but an order is not made.
  • Callback Calls: A callback occurs when the Information Specialist cannot readily answer or provide the requested information while speaking with the customer; therefore will arrange a callback at a later date and time with the caller.
  • Repeat Calls: a repeat call occurs when a customer calls back to check the status of a previous request and additional information is referred, or a new order is placed.
  • Call Transfer: this occurs when a caller must be transferred to an Agency to receive more specific information not currently provided by the Contractor.
  • Out-bound/Tele Marketing: This service includes conducting telephone surveys to consumer and any other business deemed appropriate.
  • Web transactions: this includes, at a minimum: receive and respond to e-mail messages, text chat sessions, and instant messaging etc.
  • Providing data content and order input of calls, products and services into database.
  • Receiving dispute transaction complaint and Reversal request.
  • All Debit and Credit Card real time transaction monitoring.

Benefit of contact center:

  1. First contact point of customer.
  2. Communication hub between Bank and Customer.
  3. Meet any type of customer query.
  4. Increase customer satisfaction.
  5. Faster Customer Support.
  6. Enhanced Customer Service Management.
  7. Increased Communication and Responsibility.
  8. Decreased Costs.
  9. More Effective Marketing Campaigns.
  10. Improved Interdepartmental Collaboration.
  11. Automated Caller Authentication.
  12. Ensure business continuity.