Bank Asia have introduced EMV chip Card to minimize payment card-related fraud and more secure customer financial sensitive data. Now, we are replacing magnetic stripe (magstripe) payment cards with EMV-compliant payment cards embedded with smart chips. The combination of the chip-enabled cards and the chip-enabled terminals reduces the risk of financial fraud.

More than 405,771 VISA debit cards are issued against Savings and Current account to facilitate ATM, POS transactions at all ATMs (10,000+) in Bangladesh to access their account 24X7 in 365 days. Card holders are able to purchase in VISA enabled POS machines (43,000+) in various merchant locations all over country.

Types of Debit Cards

  • VISA Debit Card. Customers with current or saving account can make withdrawal, everyday purchases and E Commerce using VISA debit card. Pay with confidence knowing your Bank Asia VISA Debit Card comes with many protection features and is a safer way to pay than cash.
  • MASTER Debit Card. Customers can chose a Master Debit Card to enjoy the most secured and fastest payment network.
  • Welcome Debit Card. Whether customer just opened an account or his/her card has been lost or stolen, a Welcome Debit Card can be issued instantly to provide customers access to his/her account.



Bank Asia provides EMV VISA Debit Card against saving and current account to facilitate ATM, POS transactions at all ATMs in Bangladesh.


  • Cash withdrawal from any ATMs
  • Purchase through POS
  • Balance Enquiry.
  • PIN Change.
  • Mini Statement.
  • E-commerce Transaction/Online Shopping.

Fees & Charges:


Annual Fee BDT 345 (Including VAT)
Card Replacement Fee BDT 345(Including VAT)


Cash Withdrawal Fee
Free-Bank Asia ATM.
BDT 10 - Q-Cash ATM.

Transaction Limit:

ATM BDT 50,000 / Day.
BDT 20,000 / Transaction.
7 Times / Day.
POS BDT 3, 00,000 / Day.
BDT 50,000/ Transaction.
6 Times/ Day.


Customer Benefits:


  • More Secure.
  • No need to carry cash.
  • Nominal Annual fee.
  • Alternative mode for Cash Transactions
  • Easy to Handle