Beauty & Discretion

Bank Asia brings to you a very user-friendly locker service that is a fine blend of security and confidentiality. At the same time for sheer convenience and further security we have also made arrangements for a well appointed rest room where you can beautify yourself, wear your jewelry before you step out for your appointment or you may also take your own time to go through your valuable documents in absolute discretion.



Utmost Security

Lockers are made by world famous Godrej Steel Company. Armed with agile guards round the clock. To optimize protection we have ensured strong, heat-resistant concrete and steel vaults. Anti-burglary alarm system. Highly advanced, ceiling backed smoke sensor device. Protection against Salt Petre and dampness.

Service Hours

The locker service is accessible on weekdays (except holidays) during working hours.

Terms & Conditions

Locker services require a nominal fee payable yearly. Customer friendly rules and regulations modified to suit the widest range of requirements.